Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Newspaper article highlighting our adoption

Our local newspaper did a wonderful job of putting together an article about the Walk-a-Thon. I love our little town and our little newspaper. The reporter was very nice and did a wonderful job writing the article. We were so pleased. :)

I did want to make some minor corrections that could have been misinterpreted when we did the interview...

Grace is NOT in danger of being institutionalized in July. She is "on hold" for us and will be awaiting our arrival to the orphanage. She is so blessed to be in a good orphanage with caregivers who do their best to care for her. Many countries institutionalize children with Down Syndrome if they are not adopted before their 4th birthdays; however, we do not know what Taiwan's view is on that (this may or may not be how it works in Taiwan). All we know is that Grace's orphanage has cared wonderfully for her and is holding her for us until we can come get her. We are so blessed!! But for MANY MANY children, the clock truly IS ticking. If anyone reading this feels led to look into adopting one of these precious children, please go to Also, if you will scroll down on our blog, you will see RUSLANA'S photo on the left side of the screen; she is in desperate need of her forever family stepping up to adopt her, as she is headed for institutionalization very soon. Ruslana is also available through Reece's Rainbow...she is on the page of At-Risk Girls.

For those readers who are new to our blog, welcome! You can find our adoption fund by clicking on Grace's photo in the upper left corner. You can donate online or can send in a check to Reece's Rainbow. All info is on that adoption fund page. THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive! And thank you to the newspaper for doing a wonderful article! :)