Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heartbeat day!!

 Today we had one of those days in our adoption journey that made me SMILE (well, actually, I was crying and smiling at the same of THOSE moments!).    The FedEx man delivered a box of goodies from our adoption agency!!  This is our "toolbox" to help us navigate through the preparation for receiving our little Grace.  Look at all the great things they sent!!  Tons of books for us and for Grace!  And look at that T-shirt and teddy bear.  Very special!

Some days of this adoption journey are "slower" than others...where we know we are adopting, yet it seems somewhere far down a road...something we simply BELIEVE is happening, without having anything tangible to grasp.  And then there are occasional days like today when we can "hear the heartbeat" of Grace.  Whether it is new pictures of her or a box full of goodies like we received today, it's something tangible that connects us to her.  It's like hearing her heartbeat for a few minutes and realizing, "Yes, this really IS happening.  We really are 'pregnant' with this precious little girl.  And we really are getting closer to the day when we can scoop her up in our arms and never let her go."  Today was a HEARTBEAT DAY!  And I thank God for such sweet moments along our journey.

I almost forgot to mention that we have homework to do in these books.  This is part of our "training" for international adoption.  It may look overwhelming to see all those books at once, but for us, it's one step closer to our daughter.

Oh...and if you want to see a "visual" of the beginning process of adoption, please visit my new friend Elisabeth's blog.  I love that she captured this on camera and in words.  They are in the beginning stages of their adoption process...preparing the home study paperwork.  Pray for them, as that can be an overwhelming time of running all over creation getting things on "THE LIST" done.