Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Local adoption information

I just wanted to drop some information for any families who feel led to adopt an American-born child.  This is also a WONDERFUL way to step forward to provide forever homes for children who need a forever family.   There is a long waiting list of adoptive parents wanting to adopt an American-born baby with Down Syndrome.  BUT there are many other children in the United States who are in desperate need of forever families.  They deserve forever families.  It is my heart to advocate for ALL CHILDREN who need forever families. 

When we first stepped out to adopt, we pursued a foster adoption here in Georgia, but that door closed.  We were sad, but God in His infinite wisdom, already had our Grace waiting for us on the other side of the globe.   Who knew??!  :)   God knew...He always knows.  It's about HIM, so we all need to follow where He leads.

I have a wonderful friend who is instrumental in orphan ministry across the globe, and she once told me, "We have to pray for God's Will for these children.  He has a plan and a purpose for each child."  We have to seek our Heavenly Father's Will.  So, whether you choose to help a child here in Georgia, in another state in the United States or in another country, the heart of the matter is to follow where GOD leads.  For us that meant Taiwan; for others that will mean right in your own town or county.  EVERY child deserves the home God has planned for them.  EVERY CHILD.

I was reminded today that there is a huge need for CASA volunteers (court appointed advocates for children).Their goal is: Advocating for Safe, Permanent Homes for Abused and Neglected Children  If you are interested in helping in any way, please see  

The following links (some national, some local) were provided to me this afternoon, and I wanted to pass them along....  This is a NATIONWIDE organization which helps children and families find each other.  Also sensitive to children's need for a family.  Works to help pregnant women find adopting families and vice versa.  Christian based adoption agency and helps pregnant women with placement for their children  Has services for families which includes group, foster and adoptive homes.  Will also counsel on a as need basis both adopting families and children.  New office in Gainesville.
This is just for starters.  OF course there is the list of Georgia's waiting children which list children from 17-3.