Monday, May 18, 2009

Gift of Grace!

Just look at this beautiful treasure God is leading us to!  :) I find myself constantly overwhelmed by God's grace...his gift of grace that adopted US into His forever family...and His gift of our little Grace who is awaiting her adoption into our forever family.  Amazing sweet the sound!

 We received Grace's new pictures and her latest update.  She seems much happier and more comfortable this month than she did last month with her fractured arm.  From her update, it appears she's doing well.  Apparently she loves her music class and doesn't want to "go home" after class but would rather sit and learn music all day!  Her Daddy was very happy about father, like daughter!  :)

There is a family who is traveling to pick up their daughter from the same orphanage, and they have graciously offered to take a gift to Grace from us.  So, I hopped on the sewing machine to make the blanket we had planned for her.  I'm posting a picture of it.  This is the first gift we've given to Grace, and we wanted it to show her how much we love her.  I'm washing it this morning and then plan to pray over it and sleep with it (to get our "smell" on it) for a couple of nights nights...then I'll take it to the post office.  In two weeks, Grace will have a blanket that I made for her...I cannot express in words how much that means to my maternal heart.  It's the closest I can get to her right now, and my very heart is in that blanket!

So there you have it...the gift of Grace and our gift to Grace!  :)