Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures from the Bring Home Grace Race

This morning our friends Shelby and John ran in their first race of the spring.  It was a 5K race, and they did so well!  They are wonderful runners, and they did the whole thing with SMILES on their faces!  Both received medals...Shelby won first place in her division, and John won second place in his division!  I told you they were WONDERFUL!!  We wanted to share some of the pics with our blog friends.  Aren't they great?!

For those of you who sponsored them for today's race, we THANK YOU so much for your donations!  Really...every single penny is a blessing to us, and we are so appreciative to each of you.  And for those of you who didn't get a chance to send in donations before the race, you can donate any time.  Just click on Grace's photo on our blog, and it will take you to our adoption fund page with all the information you will need.

THANK YOU, JOHN AND SHELBY for using your gift of running to help us bring home Grace!  What a precious gift!  :)

If anyone else wants to use their gifts and talents to raise donations to help us bring Grace home, we would WELCOME your gracious support.  Ideas are almost limitless...walk-a-thons, theme dinners, car washes, yard sales, EBAY sales, etc...lots of creative ways!  EVERY PENNY is a blessing and will forever impact Grace's life!  Thank you!!  :)