Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friends :)

We have been so blessed to be able to walk this adoption journey with another family who is also adopting a little girl from the same orphanage in Taiwan.  We are hoping to be able to travel together to pick up our girls on the same day, so PRAY for our paperwork to get moving.  The Hyman family signed their papers 2 weeks ago, and we are still waiting to sign ours.  Again, patience seems to be the name of the game.  :)

Here is a picture of our Grace with the Hyman's little girl Lilly.  Aren't they both sweet?!  Now you know why we're having issues with patience.  We want our girls HOME!  :)

I find it very comforting and encouraging that God would give us friends to walk this road with us, AND He would also provide a friend for Grace in her orphanage.  We'd like for our girls to become pen pals as they get older.  They will always share a special bond.  Really, isn't GOD good?!