Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"We almost could have missed this!"

"In a defining moment in your life, you either step forward in faith and power or you step backward in fear." -James Arthur Ray

I saw this quote on another adoption blog, and it struck me because just minutes before I read that quote, I was thinking about something very similar.  In an adoption video created by Steven and Mary Beth Chapman, they say something that has rolled through my mind over and over.  When talking about the amazing journey of adoption, they said, "We almost could have missed this."  And I'm struck by that myself.  We almost could have missed this!!  

When we first learned of Reece's Rainbow's website, we could have looked at all those precious faces of special needs children who are waiting for forever families and then walked away.  It was a choice to either enter into a child's pain or to say a quick prayer and never look at those faces again.  How many other times in my life have I seen a need but then walked away, turned my head, wanted to DO something but felt powerless to help?  What would have happened if we would have let one of the dozens of concerns stop us (we don't have the money...we don't have a big house...we don't want to burden ourselves with therapy for a special needs child...we already have a "complete" family, etc etc etc...I'm good at excuses!)?  

What would we be doing today if we had not stepped forward to adopt one of these treasures?  I can tell you that we'd not be wondering where the remainder of our adoption fees were coming from nor going through the stress of putting together fund raisers.  In fact, we would have probably bought a big screen TV with our tax return money...we'd be snuggling up comfortably on the couch.  We wouldn't have had headaches with piles of paperwork, doctor's check-ups, fingerprinting, trips to the state capitol, fees for everything imaginable, etc.    And we probably wouldn't be aching with the deep pain that comes from entering into another person's suffering.  We'd be comfortable in our predictable life.  

BUT, oh my goodness, what an adventure we'd MISS!  What blessings we'd miss!  What closeness with our Heavenly Father we'd miss! What miracles we'd miss!  And what a precious TREASURE straight from God's Hands we'd miss (really...look at Grace's picture...I would NOT want to miss out on the joy of being her Mama)!  We are human, and we are creatures of comfort.  We seek the easy road...we seek the way of less pain...we seek comfort and predictability in life.  We could have very easily just walked away, and many times in life, we have walked away.  Very easily, WE ALMOST COULD HAVE MISSED THIS!  That thought is almost unbearable to me because though this road is filled with unpredictability, uncomfortable realities, twists and turns, sorrow and pain, it is also the most amazing adventure into God's beautiful LOVE and GRACE.  There is a peace and beauty on this journey that overrides everything else.  There's no other road in the world I'd rather be on!  And it's the road that my Jesus walked.  He willingly entered into my pain.  With unconditional love, He adopted ME.  May we continue to willingly and humbly submit to His Will.  

Thank you, Jesus, that You helped us not to miss this road to amazing Grace!  Lord, please give us strength in our weakness.  And help us to never take the comfortable road and miss Your plan and purpose for our lives, no matter what it may be!