Friday, April 3, 2009

Official Referral!

We received our official referral!  :)  So, we have more pictures of Grace.  :)  These pictures are from the past 6 months or so.  And notice the picture of her standing...she is walking on her own and doing really well.  Isn't she a CUTIE??  Chris says we will need to get her a hair cut soon!  :)  

Our court papers got lost in the mail (more practice in patience!), but this morning they showed up at our post office (more lessons in God being in control!).  This afternoon we headed to get our paperwork notarized and authenticated.  It's a long story that I won't get into, but let's just say that I had never burst into tears like that in public until today (and not tears of joy this time)!   It had its iffy moments, but in the end we did get everything notarized (and then we headed to a restaurant to have southern cooking and relax my throbbing head!).  Authentication (both county and state) will take place Monday (prayerfully).  I'm really looking forward to having all of the papers out of our hands and into the hands of Taiwan's court system.  This has been a fairly smooth adoption, and we have been blessed that we have only had a few rough days in the 5 months we've been in process.  So I can't complain of the rough day.  God is good always.