Friday, July 24, 2009

Ladybugs everywhere!

Just days before we began our adoption process, my husband called me outside. "Come look at THIS!!!" I found him on the front porch, and our house was COVERED in hundreds of ladybugs!! I had to LAUGH because I had recently heard that a ladybug was a symbol of "good luck" in China. And in Asian adoptions, it is believed that a ladybug is a sign of an upcoming referral (being matched with your child). So, the hundreds of ladybugs all over our house made me smile and then laugh out loud. God never ceases to make me smile! Just a couple of days later, we began our process to bring Grace home.

We aren't into "luck and symbols," but ladybugs have become a very fun part of our lives! :) It seems everywhere we turn, there's a ladybug. We are decorating the girls' room in pink and green and hints of red. And I found the sweetest ladybug blanket that has all 3's sitting pretty on Grace's bed. I will take pictures at some point when my sweet husband is done using my camera for his latest adventure. :)

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of this really fun card that my mom and dad sent last week. It's a ladybug, and the wings pop open. And LOOKIE who is inside the ladybug! Yep, our Grace! On the back of her picture, it says, "Grace, granddaughter of Mamabella and Grandpa Jerry." How precious is that? It warmed my heart! Did I ever mention that I have great parents??! We have great support from so many people. Grace is blessed with a wonderful group of friends and family! :)