Monday, July 13, 2009

Grace's Daddy

This blog is "ours," but because I'm the one who writes this, it is my thoughts you hear. So many adoption blogs are done by moms because we're typically the ones who tend to talk, talk, talk about our adoption journey. :) But there's another side that I wanted to take a moment to highlight.

Grace's Daddy is very excitedly awaiting her arrival. He has rearranged car seats, painted the girls' room, worked extra hours to put more towards our adoption, learned sign language to help communicate with his new daughter, listened to Chinese lullabies during dinner (when he could have easily had his choice of music), and even pulled an all-nighter one night to declutter living spaces to make life a bit less chaotic for Grace (and then left for work with no sleep under his belt...never complained a bit!).

One day at the beginning of our adoption journey, he found himself spending his only "free day" laying a cement pad around our well (something environmental health needed us to do before passing our adoption paperwork inspection for our well). That day I took him lunch down by the well so that he could eat and keep working. I said, "How are you doing?" I knew full well that he'd rather be using his free day to do any number of projects around our property, but he surprised me with, "I just keep seeing her face in my mind, and that makes it all worth the inconvenience of this work." My heart melted.

That Daddy loves his Grace! She already has him wrapped around her little finger, and she hasn't even laid eyes on him! :) He's already picturing himself playing his guitar for her while she be-bops and jingles her little streamers with bells (her caretakers say that she LOVES music class, so we bought her a beginning "instrument").

Grace's Daddy would do anything for her. He is anticipating the day we pick her up. He has plans to video her city so that she will always have it. He's a good Daddy. And just to think...just one year ago, he couldn't have pictured himself adopting. It goes to show what happens when God grabs ahold of a life and says, "Will you GO for me?" And we say, "Yes, Lord, send me."