Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Signs of Grace

It's mid-month, but still no new pictures of Grace. Every day we check the mailbox in high hopes. Hopefully soon...

In the meantime, we see "signs of Grace" popping up. Over the weekend, Chris cleaned our van. We cleaned the car seat covers and bumped everyone to a new car seat, leaving the toddler car seat empty for Grace. Now, it's "Grace's seat." And her clothes are starting to make their way into our washer. You can see a picture of some of her things on the washer and dryer. The other picture shows the dress we sent to her for her birthday as well as the 2 matching outfits that we bought for Hannah and Grace (SO CUTE!). Little things here and there...tangible evidence that she will be home soon. It may not seem like much, but for a Mama whose youngest child is on the other side of the world, these "little things" are like therapy for the aching maternal heart!

The Hyman family (Lilly's family) got "the call!" This is the anticipated moment when the placing agency calls to say that the court ruling is in and it's time to travel! We have walked this road with them, so when they received the news, Sheryl was so sweet to let me know right away. My heart was pounding with excitement! (So I can only imagine what I'll feel when we get our call!). We had hoped to travel with the Hyman family, but our paperwork was a month behind theirs. We are JOYFUL with them. And they are going to take another little gift to Grace from us, so that does my mama heart good. :)