Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good day of progress!

Yesterday was one of those days when we could SEE the progress of our adoption journey!  That's so nice after periods of "just waiting."  When we opened our mailbox, we found our passports, our appointment sheets for USCIS and an unexpected check for $200!  God is so good!  It seems our paperwork in Taiwan had been stalled because the orphanage wanted to make sure that our names that appeared on our court documents are the EXACT same names as the ones on our passports.  But our passports had just been ordered, so we were having to wait on them.  They were *supposed* to take about 4 weeks to process, and we had then within TEN DAYS!  I tell you...God is GOOD!  We pray that this will move our paperwork along and that we will soon have our referral...and some new photos and updates on Grace.   :)

Don't forget the Bring Home Grace Race on March 7th...that's just around the corner!  :)