Saturday, February 21, 2009

Announcing: Bring Home Grace RACE

We are so blessed with wonderful friends!  Two of our little friends are named Shelby (age 9) and John (age 7), and they have stepped forward in a unique way to help us bring Grace home.  They are excellent runners, and they have both entered into 2 local races.  They are asking for people (that's YOU)  :)  to sponsor them in these races, and ALL of the donations will go into Grace's adoption fund (how sweet is that?!).  You can donate any amount that you want (no amount is too small or too big...every penny is a BLESSING).  If you are interested in donating, please click on Grace's photo in the upper left side of the screen, and it will take you directly to her Reece's Rainbow fund.  You can donate online, OR you can send a check (the address is on the Reece's Rainbow page...please indicate on your check that it should go into the Gamble family's fund).

Shelby and John will be running in 2 races this spring: March 7, 2009 and May 16, 2009.  Please help them help us bring Grace home.  The March 7th race is a 5K race, so they are really going to a lot of work and spending a lot of energy to earn donations for Grace.  :)  Please feel free to give any can donate per kilometer or give a flat amount.

Some creative ideas...  Because Down Syndrome is 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, you could donate:
  • $21 flat amount
  • $21 per kilometer ($105)
  • $63 (three sets of $21)
  • $321 (3 copies of the 21st chromosome)
  • Or any amount you want  :)

***IF YOU DONATE, PLEASE LET US KNOW SO THAT WE CAN SEND YOU A THANK YOU NOTE.  Otherwise, the donations are done anonymously.

Thank you, Shelby and John!  We will forever be grateful for your sweet running feet!  :)