Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three months ago...'s been 3 months since we first laid eyes on our bundle of joy. I know many parents use that phrase to describe their new arrivals, but I use it with deep conviction. This angel IS a bundle of JOY!

Here she is after a candy hunt last week. She had never been on a candy hunt, and she was confused about the bag full of candy she found hidden in the basket at the end of the hunt. She pulled a bag of candy out, then stuck it back in the bag and then pulled it out again. I snapped this picture at the exact moment that it donned on her: "Oh, this candy is for ME!!!"

Here she was on the first day we saw her. This picture was taken as she was watching her Daddy play the guitar in the orphanage. Now, when he plays the guitar, she dances and shakes her little musical bells. She's also been known to strum Daddy's guitar and throw the pick in the sound hole for fun. :)

What a difference 3 months in a family makes!

I've been gone from blog world for quite some time now. I've been working on a project that my Heavenly Father has given to me. Very soon I will announce what it is. :)